Reviews – Elephant Man, Best and Worst Musicals of 2014

Side-Show-Playbill-10-14Regular readers with note that most of my posts lately have been lists of links to my posts. When I took on the gig, I thought that I would be migrating some of my more evergreen posts to, which is the page that I now produce for My goal was to keep posting my reviews to this blog.

Well, then the semester kicked in at the Boston Conservatory, as well as the obligation to generate two posts per week for So it turned out I needed every available story idea to meet my quota. My hope is that, as I settle into a groove, that I’ll be able to find a bit more balance between the blog and

That said, here are my most recent posts for, including my reviews of Side Show and The Elephant Man, as well as my lists of the best and worst musicals of 2014:

Review – Side Show Revival on Broadway

Review – The Elephant Man With Bradley Cooper

The Best Musicals of 2014

The Worst Musicals of 2014

In any case, thanks for reading, and let me know if there’s anything that you’d liek to see me cover, either here on the blog, or for

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Reviews – Side Show, Elephant Man, Plus the Best and Worst Musicals of 2014

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